Keeping Your Cool: 5 Tips to Tackle Summer School Stress

July 27, 2012      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
Keeping Your Cool: 5 Tips to Tackle Summer School Stress

The classic Twisted Sister summer jam “School’s Out” is an anthem most Americans are familiar with. The tune conjures up those feelings of anxiousness and excitement that we’ve all experienced as classes begin wrapping up and temperatures begin heating up, ushering in a much-welcomed period of rest, recuperation, and sun-worship.

However, in today’s America, less and less students are using the simmering season to blare Twisted Sister and leave textbooks unattended. No, instead, students are using the once-universal “vacation” as a chance to get ahead during a down economy by continuing with a full class schedule and often even tacking on a summer job to their workload.

The result?

Stress levels that don’t simply burn off like a morning layer of June gloom, but instead rise with the mercury and put students at risk of burning out. Here are a few ways that you can minimize that summer stress in order to have an enjoyable, yet productive, vacation – without overheating.

Surround Yourselves With Others Not Fully On “Vacation Mode”

Misery loves company. And, evidently, so does relaxation. Summer-students have all experienced that group of friends that is usually asleep when you’re up start your day, and up all night doing nothing when you end it. And as appealing as it may sound to adopt this lifestyle, if only for a few months, it will do nothing to help you in the classroom or at work. Limiting your time with those who have different summer focuses than you, and instead surrounding yourself with other individuals focused on their studies, will prevent you from falling into the trap of summertime stagnation.  

Work for the Weekend

It’s important to remember that no matter what you’re trying to accomplish this summer—it’s still summer. The weekends should be a time for you to really enjoy the weather by getting out, and getting your mind off school or work. In doing this, you not only get some time to spend with friends and family having real “summer” time, but the thought of, say, relaxing at the beach on a Sunday afternoon, can give you that extra push to get you through a midweek slump.

Try Something New

The summer is a great time to apply for a job you’ve always wanted to try or sign up for a class you’ve never mustered the strength to take. Professors and bosses alike are usually more laid-back during this season, professors understanding that most other students are taking this time to relax and employers offering temporary positions. This provides for a more relaxed environment to test your skills at something novel; plus, regardless of how you end up enjoying the position or class, it is over before you know it. 

Keep Mind Off Fall

The last thing you need when stressing over your summer workload is to start stressing over your fall workload. Though fall is often the most active season on many campuses, it is important to not try crossing that bridge until you get to it.

Work + Play

Stay outside between classes or move your studying to the beach once in a while. As unthinkable as it may seem at times it is possible to enjoy the summer sun while still racking up those units.

ACI’s student resources are always available for counseling or support if you are struggling with summer stress. Contact 800-932-0034 or email to talk with a counselor.

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