Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to HR

November 18, 2016      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to HR

According to a Workforce article, several technology start-ups are working on AI solutions for human resources. These include an artificially intelligent human resource associate who can answer HR questions, and an employee engagement platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze employee pulse surveys, identify trends, and make recommends based on real-time results. Although it’s just the beginning of AI in HR, business and HR leaders are excited about the possibilities.

Here’s what Gil Manzano, Senior Vice President of Client Partnerships at ACI Specialty Benefits, has to say about the future of HR.

“As a Human Resources professional who believes that more time should be spent focusing on developing and executing people strategies that help support a company’s mission, vision and values, as well as the bottom line, I say bring it on! Working more efficiently is the key to success. So much of an HR team’s time is taken up throughout the course of a day by employee questions like “Do we get Veterans Day off?” or “Can I bring my dog to work?” If artificial intelligence can answer these types of questions, HR professionals will be able to focus on bigger picture concerns.

Technology has finally arrived in HR, and I for one am excited about it. We now have applicant tracking systems (ATS) that can help make quality hires, streamline processes, engage the right candidates, and provide key metrics. We have employee wellness platforms that can help an organization track, promote and reward healthy behaviors to reduce health care costs and increase employee morale and productivity. The idea of an AI platform that monitors employee engagement in real-time is the next evolution of these kinds of technology solutions that help HR work smarter. I look forward to the next wave of technology offered to a field that has been overlooked for far too long.”

Gil Manzano is an accomplished, bilingual Human Resources executive with years of experience in multiple industries, including consulting and IT services, hospitality, and retail. Gil is adept at driving strategies in the areas of employee engagement, organizational change, benefit plan design, talent acquisition, health and wellness, IT process improvement, and social media marketing to positively impact revenue.