6 Tips for Overcoming Holiday Stress

November 28, 2016      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
6 Tips for Overcoming Holiday Stress

With all of the hosting, traveling, gift-buying, budgeting, and year-end deadlines at work, the holiday season can bring more stress than joy. So before over-committing, over-spending and over-working, step back and create a simple holiday plan based on what really matters most. Use these 6 questions to get started:

1. What is the ultimate vision for this holiday season?

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently and there is no right or wrong way to do so. Think about what will really bring the most joy and create a plan to make that happen. Getting clear about what’s most important is the first step in not stressing about the small things.

2. What obligations can be let go of?

Whether it’s pressure to give the perfect gift or to squeeze in family bonding time, think about all the obligations, expectations and pressure put on yourself and others during the holidays. Try to let go of the less meaningful things to feel more fulfilled and less frazzled.

3. How can rest and relaxation be a priority?

Over-committing is a major cause of holiday stress. Before getting swept up in the holiday spirit and agreeing to an ambitious holiday social calendar, menu, gift list or workload, think about what can be outsourced, postponed, scaled back, or changed. Schedule in downtime to start the New Year refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. What is a realistic budget?

Get real about how much gift-buying, hosting and traveling will cost. Then make a holiday spending plan and stick to it. Creative homemade gifts, affordable meal planning, and gift exchanges can help reduce over-spending without affecting the real joy of the season.

5. How can technology help?

Save time, money, and hassle by using technology for online shopping, travel planning and staying organized. Apps are great for creating holiday cards, finding deals from top retailers, making virtual shopping lists and more.

6. What to be grateful for?

If it’s health and family well-being, then remember to get rest, eat well, and stress less. If it’s quality time with loved ones, then be present and available to enjoy that time. Gratitude is a great antidote to stress, so if the holiday frenzy becomes overwhelming, take a breath, be grateful for the moment and keep things in perspective.

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