Holiday Discounts from Leverage Concierge

December 5, 2016      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
Holiday Discounts from Leverage Concierge

Buying the perfect gift for someone is a great feeling. Knowing how happy, appreciative and excited they’ll be is extremely satisfying. But let’s face it – that probably only happens for one or two gifts each holiday season. So, what about everybody else?

The Leverage Concierge team has a few gift suggestions (at a discount!) for everyone on the list.

Give the person who has everything the gift of adventure. Leverage Concierge offers discounted tickets for theme parks, movie theaters, and other attractions. Don’t buy “things” just to see them go unused or to waste. This year, give the gift of a wonderful memory.

Beyond discounted tickets, there is a huge variety of other special holiday discounts available through Leverage Concierge that will make gift buying much easier. From chocolate and jewelry to customized gift wrapping and spa packages, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Visit myACIonline or myLeverageOnline for a full list of holiday discounts. For questions, contact Leverage Concierge at (888) 301-9521 or Happy gifting!