Ups and Downs

December 13, 2017      |      Posted on Posted in In the News
Ups and Downs

ACI President Erin Krehbiel is a regular contributor to BenefitsPRO. See Krehbiel’s recent feature below, originally published on BenefitsPRO.

Helping out

2017 has been a year of seemingly ongoing crisis. From hurricanes and wildfires to Manchester and Las Vegas, it’s been hard to process.

Employers must now provide advance resources, critical-incident response and follow-up to ensure employees are stabilized and back to production. We have seen a spike in clients needing assistance in dealing with difficult circumstances.

I’m proud that we’re in a position to provide support and help build resilience for employees and families in need, but it’s unfortunate that these crisis services are becoming increasingly necessary.

As a female executive in the industry, a high point for me has been a stronger emphasis on, and acceptance of, mental health as part of overall well-being. There is less stigma associated with emotional wellness and self-actualization for women, and the rise of self-care and stress management resources and conversations is beneficial for the health and productivity of the workforce. Plus, corporations with happy, healthy employees enjoy stronger culture and are more profitable. Win, win!