Professional New Year’s Resolutions and How to Maintain Them

December 19, 2017      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
Professional New Year’s Resolutions and How to Maintain Them

When people think of New Year’s Resolutions, weight-loss, healthy living and saving money are typical goals that come to mind. While personal resolutions like these are great, this year, don’t forget about professional resolutions that can support career advancement and reduce work-life stress.

Here are four examples of professional New Year’s resolutions that anyone can aim to achieve.

Find work-life balance

Manage stress more effectively in the new year. Everyone struggles with deadlines, interpersonal conflicts and tackling the never-ending to-do list, both at work and at home. To improve work-life balance, utilize your company’s Employee Assistance Program or Corporate Concierge program for work-life referrals, errand running requests, financial and legal consulting, child care, pet care, elder care and more.

Network effectively

Networking should not be limited to when looking for a new job. Stay active on LinkedIn or other professional social networks. Update profiles frequently, and set up time each week to explore the site and connect with past and present colleagues and other industry peers. Join local networking groups and attend events every few months to stay active in the industry, make connections and improve skills.

Improve work relationships

Improving communication skills is the first step to improving professional relationships. Some companies use the DISC personality assessment as a guide for employees to understand how to best communicate with coworkers. Practice more open communication with the boss about project progress, and ask for feedback and evaluations. With employees, understanding each persons’ personalities can help determine best fit for roles and assignments for a team project.

Learn something new

Strive to learn something or try something new every day. This can be as small as learning a word a day in another language, having a discussion with a colleague or researching interesting topics online. Or aim bigger and make it a goal to learn a new skill, get certified in a specialization, take a class or watch online tutorials. People that challenge themselves each day will gain new experience and understanding and reap the benefits of personal and professional growth.

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