The Business of Giving Back

February 19, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
The Business of Giving Back

Corporate philanthropic initiatives drive change both in the community and within an organization. Providing employees with opportunities to be active members of the community results in a shared feel-good experience that boosts employee morale and loyalty.

ACI Specialty Benefits encourages employees to volunteer together, and what started as departmental team building activities grew into company-wide involvement, from volunteering at food banks to running 5K’s together.

Here are 3 reasons why companies should adopt a culture of giving back.

  1. Build Brand Reputation

Businesses who give charitable donations or volunteer regularly develop a reputation of goodwill. These are the types of businesses that people want to work for and support. Employees who work for socially responsible corporations are more likely to tell others about the good work the company does. Sharing stories about a corporation’s philanthropic work has a tendency of being shared on social media, which leads to exposure and could result in new clients, employees and connections. Also, being a company known for charitable giving is a great differentiator from competitors.

  1. Encourage Team Building

Working for a company that is a positive force in the community improves job satisfaction, morale and retention by giving employees a sense of pride about where they work. Employees from different departments may not interact with each other during a typical workday, so volunteering is a great way to get to know others and work together. For small groups of people, serving food at a shelter or volunteering at the food bank are great options. For large groups or a whole company event, try organizing a beach cleanup or doing a toy or canned food drive at the office.

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  1. Recruit New Talent

Companies that emphasize their philanthropic company culture not only build strong relationships with current employees but also attract new talent. Many employers are seeking after millennials, a generation that is highly committed to changing the world for the better. In fact, studies have shown that 81% of millennials expect companies to be good corporate citizens and 62% would take a pay cut to work for socially responsible companies.

Giving back shouldn’t just be a holiday season fad. Make it an initiative to volunteer and donate all year long. For inspiration and ideas, take a look at how ACI employees give back.