Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

February 21, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Job titles such as “Chief Happiness Officer,” “VP of People and Culture” and even “Vibe Manager” reflect an increasing focus on employee happiness and creating a positive work environment. These new job titles often go hand in hand with an emphasis on fun, as companies woo employees with ping pong tables, nap pods, surf breaks and bring your pet to work days.

Of course, having fun at work is known to lead to more productive and happier employees. But happiness at work goes much deeper than fun and games. True happiness at work is grounded in job satisfaction, and job satisfaction comes from feeling appreciated, acknowledged, engaged and connected to a shared purpose.

The best workplaces have real-time and formal recognition programs, often allowing for not only supervisor-to-employee recognition but peer-to-peer acknowledgment as well.

Even without a formal recognition program, informal demonstrations of appreciation can make a big difference. Positive feedback statements, extending public thanks and small rewards, such as a favorite coffee or lunch outing, can go a long way in fostering a culture of employee appreciation and engagement.

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to appreciate others’ work, which in turn helps to create a culture of shared purpose.

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