4 Ideas for Family Fun this Summer 

May 28, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
4 Ideas for Family Fun this Summer 

Summer break tends to be a stressful time for parents with young children. It can be challenging for a working parent to find childcare, keep the kids entertained or even to find time to enjoy summer activities with their kids. Here are four adult- and kid-friendly ideas for families to spend quality time together this summer:

Go on Outdoor Adventures

Spending time outside can boost mental, emotional and physical health. Put away the iPads and video games and find activities to do outdoors, like a weekend camping trip or even camping out in the backyard. Encourage the whole family to do something active by going on bike rides or hiking.

Find Summer Camps

Sending the kids to camp is a great childcare alternative for parents who can’t take time off, and there are many different types of camps to choose from based on interests, age and budget. For parents who have vacation time to spare, look for summer camp options for the whole family.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Parents can take a relaxing trip without having to leave the kids behind. Find family resorts that offer multiple different activities for kids, so parents can unwind while the kids are off having fun and everyone can spend quality family time together throughout the trip.

Enjoy Creative Activities

If a family trip is not in the budget, there are many ways to have fun with kids at home. Crafting can help alleviate anxiety, depression and stress, so get artsy! Try a summer project like scrapbooking, doing a 1,000 piece puzzle, cutting up fabric for a quilt or building a dollhouse or toy chest. Turn daily activities and chores into quality time with a few creative tweaks.

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