The People Behind the Benefits: ACI’s Stellar Service

June 6, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Inside ACI
The People Behind the Benefits: ACI’s Stellar Service

ACI Specialty Benefits is made up of incredible people with a shared passion for providing exceptional service. More than just a company, ACI is a family, and that’s exactly how clients and employees are treated when they call ACI. Whether it’s providing clinical referrals, crisis support, or errand running services, ACI is ready to go above and beyond to help in every way possible. Take a look at what ACI clients and customers are saying:

“I am truly grateful my employer offers EAP through ACI. ACI is so helpful and knowledgeable.”

“It was so reassuring to know that the EAP is there for us and our employees in times of crisis.”

“ACI is an awesome company with the best customer service ever!”

Life can be busy and stressful, which is why ACI strives to help employees with every aspect of life by providing personal assistance through Leverage Concierge. Here is some recent feedback about ACI’s Leverage Concierge team:

“We had such an above-and-beyond experience with the concierge specialist. I haven’t experienced such amazing customer service in a long time.”

“Thank you so very much, this concierge service has really helped me out my first month at my new job. I really appreciate it.”

“I always receive the best service from Leverage Concierge, can’t thank you enough!

ACI prides itself on keeping it real with customer service. When a client, employee or family member calls ACI, they can count on hearing a real person on the phone.

“I appreciate that the feedback was not in the form of a pre-determined set of responses. The customer service representative was attentive, respectful and accommodating. Thank you for keeping that human touch to your services. I give your representative an A+.”

“I love the way that I was greeted by a professional on the phone. The resources I was looking for were provided to me instantly with pleasant professionalism.”

“I appreciate how efficiently ACI addressed my concerns and sent applicable information! Thanks so much for answering my questions quickly and providing me with resources.”

The amazing feedback received about ACI’s programs and customer service inspires ACI to continue innovating benefits and providing the best service possible.

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