5 Parenting Resources to Beat Back-to-School Stress

July 25, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
5 Parenting Resources to Beat Back-to-School Stress

It’s almost fall and school is just around the corner! But it’s not just the kids who need to get ready. From new school supplies to adjusting sleep schedules, here are five common EAP resources to help working parents get in the back-to-school groove.

  1. Make this the best school year ever. There are a vast amount of resources available for children who might need extra homework help. From math and reading to fitting in and social skills, find the perfect tutor with referrals to learning organizations close to home. Some tutors will even come to the school or home to best meet the family’s needs.
  2. Pin down the activities schedule. Now that summer is over, find the perfect activities for children looking to learn new things. Is she fascinated by robotics? Does he love team sports? A variety of referrals to relevant after-school activities and child care options are available through ACI’s EAP.
  3. Talk to a clinician. It really does take a village to raise a child, or is it “raise a parent”? Fortunately, ACI’s EAP benefits can help. Whether children are dealing with cyberbullying or anxiety about an upcoming test, or parents simply need strategies for less arguing and more quality time, talk to a licensed clinician 24/7 or find referrals for experts in the area. These licensed experts can even help with work-life balance, providing recommendations for time management and work stress.
  4. Don’t forget the grandparentsTaking care of aging parents is just one of the many responsibilities working parents have to juggle. As parents get older, it can be more difficult to balance time and resources between raising children, going to work, and caring for loved ones. ACI’s EAP has referrals and recommendations for caring for aging parents, from meal planning to health specialists.
  5. Plan for the future. According to Forbes, one in four Americans have severe stress symptoms related to finances. Need help paying for school supplies? Saving for college? Looking forward to a family trip or wedding? Don’t let financial stress be a downer. From tomorrow’s payments to retirement planning, ACI’s financial experts can help develop a personalized budget for a working parent’s busy life.

With the right resources, no parent has to be afraid of the back-to-school crunch. For help with any of these common stressors and more, call or email ACI Specialty Benefits, your confidential Employee Assistance Program, to access referrals to mental health professionals and other local resources: 800.932.0034 or eapinfo@acispecialtybenefits.com.