3 Ways Today’s Business Women Can Influence Tomorrow’s Workforce

July 26, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in In the News
3 Ways Today’s Business Women Can Influence Tomorrow’s Workforce

ACI President Erin Krehbiel was recently a guest speaker on Women Lead Radio to talk about how today’s business women are influencing tomorrow’s workforce.

In her interview, Krehbiel reveals that women have earned more college degrees than men for the past 30+ years and hold almost 52% of professional-level jobs, yet only make up 14.6% of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. The solution? Women need to stop putting each other down and start working together to create a more gender equal workforce. Here are Krehbiel’s three pieces of advice for business women to follow today, in order to influence the workforce of tomorrow.

  1. Lead a Purpose-Driven Life — Setting a goal, whether it’s professional or personal, can help illuminate a clear path towards success. Create a business plan for life by writing down goals and focusing one step at a time on what it will take to achieve your dreams.
  2. Go for It Women often don’t apply for a role unless they meet all of the qualifications for it, while men are more likely to take a chance on a stretch assignment or position. Getting out of your comfort zone may be intimidating, but taking on a challenge can lead to new interests and skills, as well as job opportunities. Don’t be afraid to go after a promotion, a new job, or even a career change.
  3. Take Care of Yourself No job is worth risking your mental, emotional or physical health. A work environment that is supportive and causes minimal stress should be a priority for everyone. Although it may be hard at times, it’s important to leave work at work, spend time with loved ones and schedule in self-care. Striving for perfection is a disaster waiting to happen.

Listen to Erin Krehbiel’s full interview on Women Lead Radio and download her media kit for information about additional media opportunities.


Erin Krehbiel is President of ACI Specialty Benefits, where she champions global partnerships and benefits technology innovation to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Winner of the Women of Influence President’s Award and finalist of the Women Who Mean Business Awards by the San Diego Business Journal, Krehbiel is also a SUE Talk speaker and a regular contributor to media articles, blogs and interviews.

ACI President Erin Krehbiel is a frequent writer on LinkedIn. This article was originally published on LinkedIn.