Honoring ACI’s Trailblazing CEO, Dr. Ann Clark

August 22, 2018      |      Posted on Posted in Inside ACI
Honoring ACI’s Trailblazing CEO, Dr. Ann Clark

In a time when women hold almost 52% of professional-level jobs, yet only make up 14.6% of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs, ACI is proud to honor its trailblazing founder, Dr. Ann Clark – celebrating 35 years as CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits.

The ACI team is grateful to follow Dr. Clark’s lead and celebrate her legacy:

“I am honored to be a part of the legacy you have created!”Tim Mutrie, SVP of Marketing/IT

“Thank you Ann, our fearless leader, for all that you do!” –Sandy Glashaw, Senior Account Executive

“Thanks to you, Dr. Clark, for influencing all of us to strive to achieve the lofty goals you set for yourself. We are all winners to have such a strong woman on our team to support us!” –Tandice Tinney, VP of Service Operations

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be guided by such a strong, intelligent woman. I’m so proud and so honored to be on your team!” –Bryan Levy, CFO

“Your legacy inspires me – and all of us – every day. To be surrounded by strong, passionate women is incredible.” –Erin Philips, Marketing Manager

“It’s such an honor to work for a company where our leader is recognized as a woman of influence. Thank you for the inspiration you provide on a daily basis!” –Karina DiStasio, SVP of Client Services

“It is my sincere pleasure to be working with such an inspiring, talented professional woman!”Cathy Leibow, SVP of Concierge Services

“Quite honestly, it’s the intellect, inspiration, and strength displayed by you that makes it easy to give 100% each day here at ACI Specialty Benefits.” -Yve Fontilea

A powerhouse entrepreneur, Dr. Clark has overcome insurmountable odds and shown up every single day to give her all for ACI employees, families and customers worldwide. As a female pioneer in the male-dominated insurance industry, Dr. Ann Clark persisted and drove ACI to be a Top-Ten global benefits provider, competing against giant health care organizations and conglomerates. Dr. Clark has built a phenomenal legacy of service, and she is unstoppable!

Learn more about Dr. Clark and ACI’s history here.