5 Habits for Building Healthy Relationships

January 25, 2019      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
5 Habits for Building Healthy Relationships

Between the heart-shaped candies and the grand gestures of affection that come with Valentine’s Day, it can be easy to lose sight of what makes great relationships work in the long term—whether those are with romantic partners, family, friends, or coworkers. Here are several habits that can be practiced daily to build healthy relationships.

Express gratitude. No one likes feeling taken for granted. Expressing gratitude is one of the top ways to feel happy as an individual, and a simple “Thank you!” can go a long way toward making someone feel appreciated.

Give without expectation. Unexpected gifts, whether it’s that coat they’ve been wanting or surprising them with a clean house, can show a partner how much they are loved and appreciated. No strings attached.

Communicate. Loved ones aren’t mind readers; they see the world differently and have their own expectations. While some might feel that they shouldn’t have to ask for their partner to know what they want, healthy relationships are built on clearly communicating needs and respecting each other’s differences.

Share a hobby. Working toward a mutually-interesting hobby can be a great way to spend time together. Who knew that she used to be into welding? Or that he is secretly a composer in his spare time? Even something as simple as playing a board game once a week can help partners, friends, or family learn more about each other and build quality time together.

Seek expert help. Even the healthiest of relationships can benefit from a licensed clinician’s personalized advice. Asking for help can go a long way toward relieving stress, learning how to be better communicators, and preventing issues from escalating.

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