New High-Performance Benefits: Concierge and Errand Running

June 6, 2019      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
New High-Performance Benefits: Concierge and Errand Running

The demand for corporate concierge is booming. As companies compete for global talent in highly-competitive industries, winning organizations are prioritizing employee experience and investing in concierge and errand running benefits to stand out. In fact, 32 of the top-ranked Fortune 100 offer corporate concierge and 36% of large companies plan to offer high-touch concierge services, up from 28% one year ago.*

Not Just for White Gloves Anymore
Concierge does it all. Travel booking, grocery delivery, car wash, home repair referrals, dry cleaning, mailings, gifts, appointment scheduling, holiday planning, covering the full range of life management and adulting. With exclusive discounts, onsite perks and flexible staffing options, concierge and errand running benefits offer a wide range of services that save employees time, money and stress.

The Proof Is in the Profits
Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, according to Gallup research. After four years of ACI’s Leverage Concierge, one top-ranked national corporation achieved an incredibly impressive 52.​9% average annualized utilization, and reported employee turnover decreased from 16% to 10%, Great Place to Work employee satisfaction ratings increased from 74% to 86%, and employees saved 1,359 hours in one year from concierge referrals and support, dramatically improving employee productivity.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right-Fit Concierge Provider:

1. Assess Needs
Start by defining workforce needs and wants. For example, would onsite errand running or a virtual program fit the budget?

2. Establish Buy-in
Review costs for absenteeism, low engagement and turnover to see how concierge can make a positive impact. Make sure to obtain both budget approval and buy-in from the top.

3. Create an RFP
Once needs and buy-in are established, create an RFP, incorporating specific expectations and requirements, and let the bidding begin.

4. Review Closely
Look for gaps in coverage, hidden fees, and consult with references to assure the perfect fit for your organization.

5. Measure ROI
Determine what resources are available to monitor absenteeism, engagement, morale, retention and productivity. Review performance guarantees and be prepared to implement metrics including questionnaires, anecdotal remarks, tracking, and utilization measures.

Get Started Today. ACI’s Leverage Concierge offers best-in-class corporate concierge and errand running programs for customers worldwide. With onsite events, a robust discount portal, convenient errand running and unlimited referrals for travel, entertainment, caretaking, and personal services, ACI’s Leverage Concierge is the work perk employees will love. Contact ACI Specialty Benefits at 800.932.0034 email to receive a free pricing proposal.

* National Business Group on Health’s annual survey, 2018.