ACI Specialty Benefits: Powered by People, Not Bots

October 24, 2019      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
ACI Specialty Benefits: Powered by People, Not Bots

If popular hashtags like #breakthestigma and #mentalhealthmatters are any indicator, the world is waking up to the magnitude of modern mental health issues and the importance of getting professional help. An estimated 322 million people worldwide live with depression, including more than 40 million Americans, and up to 56% do not seek treatment. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24, and overdoses are the number one killer of Americans younger than 50.

In the face of such challenges, a booming digital health industry is promising solutions. ACI’s SVP of Marketing/IT, Tim Mutrie, asks the important question, “Is digital health the future of therapy?”

ACI breaks down the big privacy questions every employer needs to ask before signing employees up for digital health platforms and apps.

The Business of Human Care, Compassion and Support

For 35 years, ACI Specialty Benefits has been in the business of human care, compassion and support – in good times and bad. ACI’s top-ranked employee assistance program connects real people to real people, ready to listen and respond. Every phone call, text, and video chat is answered by ACI’s fiercely dedicated intake team members. No automated prompts, no press ‘3’ and hold, no facial recognition required.

Founded by Dr. Ann Clark, a licensed marriage and family therapist with decades of professional experience, ACI is led by mental health professionals not gamers or tech entrepreneurs. Privately-owned and operated, ACI answers to customers, not shareholders or venture-capitalist investors. Driven by the strongest EAP technology, ACI remains powered by people – not bots.