Introducing myACI Benefits Mobile App

February 13, 2020      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
Introducing myACI Benefits Mobile App

ACI Specialty Benefits is thrilled to launch a new and improved mobile app offering instant access to ACI’s benefits and perks. With a brand new look, myACI Benefits also offers a variety of exciting enhancements.

Integrated login experience
A single login and registration works for ACI’s app and portals (myACIonline, myLeveragonline, mySOARonline)

Expanded service listings
Allows users to request more services

Responsive design
Scales to any tablet, phone or device

Redesigned interface
Improves functionality and user experience

Sign out feature
Multiple users can access from a single device

How to download myACI Benefits:
How to start accessing benefits:

Already have an account on one of ACI’s portals (myACIonline, myLeverageOnline or mySOARonline)?

  • For existing users of ACI’s portals, simply sign in with your same account login information.
  • For new users, register in-app for a new account using the corporate code provided by your benefits manager. This new account login will also work to sign into ACI’s portals to access your benefits online.

After signing in, users can directly connect with ACI Specialty Benefits to request services, get questions answered, and receive assistance. Specific benefit services may vary depending on the corporate or school benefit package selected.

Questions? Contact ACI Specialty Benefits at 800.932.0034 or