ACI’s Leverage Concierge Team Makes a Meaningful Impact

May 12, 2020      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
ACI’s Leverage Concierge Team Makes a Meaningful Impact

In a matter of months, life changed dramatically. Simple things like grocery shopping required all new levels of planning, birthdays could only be celebrated with appropriate social distance, and people had to quickly adjust to new challenges in home, work and daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As longtime champions of helping employees in all areas of life management, ACI’s Leverage Concierge team rose to the occasion. Here are a few stories from the front lines of their unwavering commitment during this time.

Help with the Basics

  • An employee asked ACI’s Leverage Concierge team to call every Costco with 25 miles from her home to find out-of-stock items like flour, bread flour, cinnamon, active yeast, and parchment paper. The team immediately responded with a full list of each Costco in her area, and quantity of requested items available at each location.
  • Another employee contacted ACI’s Leverage Concierge team for referrals to alternative infant care since their provider was closed due to COVID-19. The team found 5 child care providers in her area that were open and provided detailed information like pricing, fees, hours, etc.

Maternity Concierge

  • An expectant-mother sent a chat request seeking help finding grocery delivery services since she could not leave the house. ACI’s Leverage Concierge team found her 4 options other than Costco and Instacart, since both those options had no availability in her area.
  • To celebrate their coworker’s pending maternity leave, a department reached out to ACI’s Leverage Concierge team to pick up surprise doughnuts and treats for an impromptu (and socially distant) farewell.

Giving Back

  • As a token of appreciation for the dedicated volunteers at a local blood drive, ACI’s errand runner picked up surprise po’ boy sandwiches and King Cake for a special delivery.
  • To show thanks to an incredibly hard-working employee, one client asked ACI’s errand runner to put together a surprise “Thank You Spa Gift Basket” and deliver to his unsuspecting colleague.

Celebrating Love and Milestones

  • An employee was looking for a specific engagement ring, and asked ACI’s concierge specialist for help researching jewelers. ACI’s concierge specialist went above and beyond, also sending ring recommendations and pricing. Afterwards, the grateful employee shared, “Asking ACI’s errand runner Marisa to handle this task was one of the best decisions I’ve made; the ring turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined, and I now have a jeweler that I can trust!”
  • An employee asked for help sending his girlfriend flowers who was quarantined by herself in a different state, and ACI’s Leverage Concierge team provided referrals for 4 floral delivery services and the corresponding cost.

Coping with Loss

  • An employee sent a chat message, seeking help finding online memorial services, to support himself and family in grieving the loss of a loved one. ACI’s Leverage Concierge team provided referrals for new ways of supporting loved ones in the grieving process and mourning together.

As these stories illustrate, ACI’s fiercely dedicated Leverage Concierge team is always here to help in any and every way possible.