EAP Support for the Return to Work Transition

May 21, 2020      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
EAP Support for the Return to Work Transition

As the nation, communities and families begin taking careful steps forward, there will undoubtedly be new challenges and changes in many areas of life. To help cope during this time of transition, your EAP provided by ACI Specialty Benefits offers numerous resources.

Mental Health Support
Speak to a professional about coping with change, grief and loss, managing difficult emotions, dealing with stress, or any personal issue affecting emotional well-being or mental health. For added convenience at this time, ACI’s EAP offers socially-distant access to mental health care with video chat and telephonic sessions with licensed providers.

Financial Wellness Coaching
The current climate of economic uncertainty is not only stressful for many, but poses direct challenges to personal and family finances. Speak to a financial coach through ACI’s EAP to address personal matters and plan for the future, and visit ACI’s financial resource center for additional information, articles and tools.

Child Care Referrals
With homeschooling underway and summer camp plans upended, many families are looking for parenting support as well as alternative options for child care arrangements. Speak to a work-life specialist through ACI’s EAP for personalized referrals for child care solutions based on your location and specific needs.

Community Resource Referrals
There are a wide range of local and national resources to help those most impacted by challenges from COVID-19, and ACI’s EAP can provide referrals and information to connect individuals with resources available to help to get through this time.

Life Milestones
From weddings to graduations, new baby showers to Father’s Day, many life milestones are being postponed, cancelled, or simply put on hold. To help celebrate these important life events, ACI’s EAP can provide referrals for creative ways to observe special days while keeping social distance.

Personal Service Referrals
For help finding home repair services, meal delivery for aging loved ones, at-home fitness referrals, pet care solutions and other personal or family needs, ACI’s EAP offers a wide range of referrals for life management, housing, transportation, self-care, elder care, and personal services.

ACI’s EAP is prepaid by your employer and free to use, 100% confidential, and open to all family members. To request services or learn more about your EAP benefits, download the myACI Benefits mobile app, call 800.932.0034, or email info@acispecialtybenefits.com.