Creating and Respecting Boundaries

March 1, 2021      |      Posted on Posted in Total Well-Being
Creating and Respecting Boundaries

It is important for management to take the lead in building a healthy work environment, promoting personal well-being and preventing burnout.

Lead by Example
Leadership sets the tone for work culture, and if managers and supervisors are working and responding to emails all day, all night and all weekend, it creates an expectation for others to do the same. Be mindful of how your behavior creates an example for teams to follow.

Promote Flexibility
Some working parents may find quiet focused time in the early morning hours or later at night. There are a wide range of tools and strategies to enable asynchronous work to support teams across various circumstances. Allowing for flexible arrangements also promotes trust and loyalty, which will help all organizations long-term.

Encourage Time Off
Many people are logging more hours, producing more work, managing stressful responsibilities and living with uncertainty throughout this pandemic. Reminding teams to take vacation, personal days, or even midday walking breaks for fresh air and sunshine can help everyone recharge and return to work stronger.

Additional Resources to Share with Teams


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