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ACI Specialty Benefits partners with organizations worldwide to offer award-winning benefits and perks that improve mental health, reduce stress, and enhance life at work and home.

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  • 12 million<br />lives covered

    12 million
    lives covered

  • Double-digit<br />program utilization

    program utilization

  • 98% client<br />retention rate

    98% client
    retention rate

Algorithms can’t empathize.

At ACI, every phone call, text, and video chat is answered by ACI’s fiercely dedicated team members. No automated prompts, no facial recognition required. Driven by the strongest EAP technology, ACI remains powered by people – not bots.

ACI’s Newest Partner in Employee Well-being: Whil

With over 250 well-being and stress resilience programs, Whil’s award-winning training library addresses your company’s biggest performance challenges and healthcare cost-drivers.

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