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    ACI Specialty Benefits is excited to offer the new EAP Plus, an innovative EAP integrated and enhanced with personal Concierge services to offer greater value and benefits ROI for employers.

    ACI’s EAP Plus is designed to support recruitment and retention efforts and increase employee engagement and performance through a wide range of personal assistance, work-life, emotional wellness and management support services.

    As your partner for the new workforce, ACI Specialty Benefits works with clients to meet the needs of their unique employee populations through exceptional service, industry-leading technology and proven engagement strategies. Learn more about how each solution can help your company thrive.

    EAP Plus Combines ACI’s Top-Ten Employee Assistance Program with Best-in-Class Concierge Services

    Provide support with
    Employee Assistance

    ACI has been a leading EAP provider for more than 30 years, with a wide variety of work-life and clinical services to address any employee need.

    Boost productivity with
    Leverage Concierge

    The ultimate perk to attract and retain top talent, ACI’s Leverage Concierge offers customized personal assistance to reduce stress and increase engagement.