ACI's Employee Assistance Program is a re-imagined, contemporary approach to EAP that offers employees every resource imaginable to thrive at work and home.

Employee Assistance  Program icon92% of Users Say ACI Services Improved Their Quality of Life

Yes, every call is answered by a 'real person,' all services are confidential, and all family members are covered - even abroad! ACI's mobile apps and web services provide anytime, anywhere access to benefits. With unlimited critical incident response, management training videos on YouTube, substance abuse support, unlimited consultation and veteran connection resources, ACI's EAP is the MVP of your benefits package. Consistently ranked in the nation's Top Ten, ACI's EAP sets the standard for specialty benefits with hi-tech support built for a global workforce.

EAP success story video

EAP Success Story
Gary Peck, Senior Director of Human Resources at Hologic, Inc., explains the many benefits of ACI's Employee Assistance Program.

EAP mobile apps on tablet

EAP Mobile Apps
ACI's services are built for a global, 24/7 market. Instantly access EAP benefits with mobile apps on iOS and Android.

EAP supervisor orientation video

YouTube Orientation
ACI's Employee Assistance Program is not only an excellent service for employees, it is also a valuable resource for managers.