Employee Assistance Program

EAP Information for Health Fairs

ACI Specialty Benefits provides a variety of employee benefits designed to reduce stress and make life easier. Through ACI's network of clinicians, life coaches and work-life specialists, employees and all family members receive comprehensive support for any personal or professional need.

Browse through these digital flyers and quick videos to better understand the wide range of EAP benefits available.


  EAP Brochure

Learn more about the employee assistance program (EAP) resources available and how to access benefits.

  EAP and Work-Life Benefits

Find out how the EAP can help with a wide range of personal and life management needs.

  Legal and Financial Flyer

Get to know the wide range of personalized support available for legal and financial matters.

  Freedom from Depression Flyer

Understand how ACI can help with resources and support for total emotional well-being.

  Stress Test

This quick self-assessment tool provides insight on personal stressors and coping skills.

  14 Stress Reducers

Try these 14 tips to stress less and improve overall health and well-being.

  Surprising Health Facts

The human body is an incredible machine. Learn surprising health facts to boost personal wellness.

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To learn more about specific EAP benefits available, contact ACI anytime:

Call 800.932.0034 or
Text 858.224.2094

Email eapinfo@acispecialtybenefits.com

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Additional Resources

  Legal and Financial Resource Center

  Affinity™ Online Work-Life Resources

  Veteran Connection