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Why MacroLife?

Dr. Ann Clark

Companies are currently paying for disconnected benefits that just sit on the shelf, not to mention undertaking the challenge of promoting multiple corporate initiatives,” says Dr. Ann D. Clark, CEO and founder of ACI Specialty Benefits. “MacroLife puts these pieces together, ultimately empowering employees to work smarter and live better. With MacroLife, ACI has re-imagined employee engagement, simplified benefits administration, and improved return-on-investment.

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Welcome to MacroLife – a gamified engagement platform that integrates employee benefits and real-time rewards to drive benefits utilization and meet corporate initiatives.

Employee Benefits

MacroLife integrates contemporary employee assistance program (EAP), wellness, and concierge services with other existing benefits – from vision and dental to life insurance – to provide employees with comprehensive support and a unified benefits experience.

Corporate Initiatives

MacroLife can be customized to promote specific corporate initiatives – from 401(k) participation to HRA completion to open enrollment – to meet workforce needs and optimize company culture.

Incentivized Engagement

With MacroLife’s gamified design, employees earn rewards for every benefit interaction to drive habitual engagement. Through minigames, bite-sized delivery of information, and ongoing mobile and social outreach, employees learn about and utilize the benefits available to them, and participate in initiatives that are important to their company.

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Mobile-friendly, gamified benefits

The fully customizable MacroLife platform serves as a single sign-on (SSO), user-friendly access point for all company perks and initiatives. Compatible technology allows integration with other existing benefits, services and software, and mobile applications provide employees with 24/7 account access to information, rewards, and on-demand support and services.

MacroLife Services

Built for a modern workforce

From requests for life coaching and family assistance to onsite team building and wellness challenges, MacroLife’s innovative work/life perks and services support employees at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

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