How EAP Helps with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

November 21, 2016      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
How EAP Helps with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol use are difficult to talk about, especially in the workplace. Employees and their family members often hesitate to reach out for help in fear of serious consequences. Luckily for companies with an employee assistance program (EAP), employees and their families don’t have to deal with drug and alcohol-related concerns alone.

Confidential support is available for all employees and their families through their company-sponsored EAP provider. Through the EAP, employees and their family members are guaranteed private, personalized and secure clinical support and resources to address any issue, with no identifying information going back to their employer. If an employee has a family member who is struggling with substance abuse, utilizing the EAP can help the family member get assistance and help the employee feel supported in addressing the issue.

The EAP supports drug and alcohol-free workplaces with help for many issues, including:

  • Preventing alcohol- or drug-related incidents
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Financial and legal consultation
  • Substance addiction and abuse

Reaching out to the EAP is a great first step in dealing with any personal or professional issue. If drug or alcohol use is negatively impacting work, family, and everyday life, contact ACI Specialty Benefits at 1-800-932-0034 or today for confidential, comprehensive and personalized support.